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Personal - United States Bucket List

A personal project allowing a user to choose states on their American bucket list. The interactive also highlights the state's region after selection. During the development of this course I learned a lot about PNG bounding boxes and what vetors are acceptable in Storyline. I had a vector of the United States in Adobe Illustrator and saved out all 50 states as PNG files, placed them all in Articulate Storyline, and repositioned for geographical accuracy. Once all that was done I was testing my inital triggers and found that the bounding box around each PNG would block parts of other states. This caused smaller states to not be selectable and hover effects to be seen on states that the user didn't think they had their cursor over. My next solution was to copy and paste the state vector from Illustrator to Storyline. When you try this you will find only text is pasted. The solution to remedy this issue was using Storyline's freeform draw tool to create all the individual states.

To view the demo click HERE.

– Articulate Storyline

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